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Tips to Keep Your Pet Safe and Calm While Home Remodeling


Home renovations are certainly hard on families. Having contractors in and around the house for weeks or for a month at a time makes things really complex. But eventually, you manage time to prepare and bond with the builders. The last thing that anyone wants is pets unhappy, unsafe and feeling threatened during a renovation or remodeling.

It is important to consider the temperament of the pet into account. One must also gauge how to best adapt the days to minimize the overall impact of construction on their overall well-being. This post talks about some useful tips to keep your pet safe and calm while you have your focus on the home renovation project.

Let the Contractors Know About Your Pet Before Commencing the Work

Just like how you mention the presence of your children in the home, it is important that you must also mention the pets. In many cases, it is seen that contractors are eager to meet with the canine friends.

In some cases, contractors can even coexist with the pets while work is going on in the home. If the pet is friendly in nature, the contractors will even take them for walks based on the level of demolition and safety hazards during the project.

Crate Your Pet

In order to eliminate the threat of pets escaping from the propped door, keep them safe in a crate safe for them. You can also keep them locked in a comfortable space of their own till the work is going on outside. Experts suggest that a little inconvenience for the pet will outweigh the threats of allowing the pet to be underfoot without any leash in the place of construction work.

Leave Your Pets With Your Family, Friends or in Day Care

If you don’t have the option to take your pet to your work while the remodeling work is going on, you can ask your friends or family to have the pet till the time you are in office. If you are in a distant place from your friends or relatives, you have the option of daycare and numerous boarding facilities. But for this, you need to consider the cost of keeping your pet in the daycare and add the same into the remodeling budget. On average, daycares will cost around hundreds of dollars every month if you opt for daily use.

Introduce Contractors With the Pet

You must take a chance of introducing your pet to the contractors. The pet will meet and sniff all the people coming to the house and then leave. This will help the pet to familiarize themselves with the smell and voice of all those people that will make the overall work experience smooth and hassle-free. Familiarity of the pets with the contractors will also help them to do their job without fear of the pet which is very common in most of the cases.

Keep Your Pets Outside

In case you have got a fenced yard installed with an electric dog fence that will keep the pet away from the noise and mess of construction as well as weather permits, make sure to keep them there outside till the time the contractors are working in the home during the day. Some pets are very comfortable moving freely in the garden, while some love to be in the kettle.

You can also add some ambient sound like white noise or radio in order to mask the sound of the construction work happening inside the house. Before you do all these things, it is important to have a work with the contractors and ensure that they are not utilizing the garden area or the backyard to store material for the construction work.

Stick to the Routine of the Pet

Pets, especially dogs, are creatures of habit. They find safety and comfort when the things around their world are predictable. Remodeling tasks in the home can distort everything for them and create chaos and stress for them. Make sure to stick around the dog’s regular routine of the day as much as possible while renovations happen.

If your dog needs the food or needs to sleep, make sure to arrange for the same before starting with the work. This will make your dog happy even while there are so much of chaos in the house because of the predictable routine.

Following all these tips will certainly help you to make your pet calm and safe during the renovation works in the house. Please feel free to share your suggestions or insights with us below in the comment section.